Skilled Nursing Facilities

Language Fundamentals provides Speech Therapy for Skilled Nursing Facilities and beyond with a philosophy of providing the highest quality of care to the residents and facilities we serve.

With nearly 20 years of experience providing speech therapy services to skilled nursing facilities, you can be assured that when you partner with Language Fundamentals, the facility will gain a full speech therapy team that works both onsite and off to provide the residents with the latest treatment procedures in all aspects of speech therapy.  In this ever-changing world of healthcare, the up-to-date services that Language Fundamentals provides adds tremendous value to your facility both through improved patient outcomes, financial success, and excellent supportive documentation for the services provided.

Skilled Nursing Facilities that have chosen to partner with Language Fundamentals to operate their Speech Department receive:

  • A speech language pathology department that functions as part of the interdisciplinary team and have a passion for treating medical speech language pathology

  • Access to per diem therapy coverage by Language Fundamentals from experienced members of the Language Fundamentals team

  • A Speech Department with a full understanding of all major insurances including traditional and managed Medicare Part A, HMO, and Medicare Part B

  • Speech coverage at no additional charge for excess caseloads, sick days, vacation days, and holidays

  • Education provided to the interdisciplinary team on speech therapy, swallowing, cognitive communicative disorders, speech language deficits, altered diets, and more, individualized to your facility’s specific needs

  • Oversight by our Regional Manager to provide the highest standard of practice, documentation reviews, and continuous education of the speech therapists

  • Mock audits to improve your success during a RAC audit or OMIG audit

  • Preparation for the impact of the Patient Driven Payment Model and the new Speech Language Pathology (SLP) Component


Contact us at 845-897-3330 to discuss how we can help raise the level of Speech Therapy Services provided at your Skilled Nursing Facility to an entirely new level.