We Serve Hospitals

Language Fundamentals has been navigating the complex speech therapy management world in the hospital and hospital outpatient worlds for almost 20 years. Unlike an agency, having expertise in medical Speech Therapy is our sole focus.

Since clinical expertise at the Acute Care Setting is critical, Language Fundamentals understands the need for efficient & effective use of speech language therapy services.

The demand for speech language, swallowing and cognitive therapy in hospital-based settings has increased, thus creating the need for a robust Speech Department with strong clinicians who are passionate about treating in the medical setting and understand the increasing role that Speech plays in reducing rehospitalizations. Costs for qualified speech language pathologists continue to rise and demands for prompt efficient care continue to increase. Healthcare organizations are faced with new and difficult challenges as to how to provide the highest level of care at acceptable costs.

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Additionally, Language Fundamentals provides expert clinicians that are competent in instrumental exams such as Flexible Endoscopic Evaluation of the Swallow (FEES) and the Modified Barium Swallow (MBS) study to area hospitals.

Beyond clinical excellence, our speech language pathologists pride themselves on clear concise communication skills, conveying critical information to nursing and physician staff in a timely fashion.

If your Acute Care Hospital is having difficulty providing efficient and cost-effective medical speech therapy, call us to set up a time to speak. We are glad to discuss your needs and develop a plan specific to your organization.