Candidates must be willing to be an integral part of a rehabilitation team that includes nurses, MD’s, occupational therapists, physical therapists, dietary staff and other team members. We offer competitive salaries, flexible time schedules and health benefits. Masters Degree required. Strong CFY candidates are encouraged to apply. Come be a part of our growing team!

Language Fundamentals, Inc. (Hopewell Junction, NY) seeks Speech Pathologist to assess, diagnose, treat, and help prevent communication and swallowing disorders in patients. Communicate with patients to evaluate levels of speech/language difficulty, and complete assessments to determine level of swallowing difficulty as well. Assessments are both standardized and subjective to determine the extent of communication and swallowing concerns. Identify treatment options, and create/carryout individualized treatment plan. Teach patients how to improve speech/language/and swallowing skills through exercises to develop/strengthen articulators and muscles used for mastication/swallowing, as well as compensatory strategies including, but not limited to, alternative communication methods, altering diets, etc. Counsel patients/families on coping with communication and swallowing disorders. Requirements: Master’s degree in Speech Language Pathology accepted by the State of New York and a New York State Speech - Language Pathologist license with one year of related experience. Travel/relocation to unanticipated revolving client healthcare facility locations required.